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Learn How HBOT Works

Hyperbaric Chamber

It is known that a certain amount of oxygen is dissolved in the blood at normal sea-level pressure; however, when the body is pressurized in a hyperbaric chamber, how HBOT works is now possible to dissolve adequate oxygen in blood plasma, to meet the body’s needs.

There is a law of physics: an increase in atmospheric pressure allows for more gas to be dissolved into any given liquid. This same principal applies to oxygen and plasma, the liquid component of blood.

Dissolved oxygen in the blood moves rapidly throughout the body, reaching and oxygenating each living cell. Not only does this increase the amount of available oxygen to the tissues, it pushes this dissolved oxygen to reach areas of the body and brain that would normally be difficult to reach, such as areas of impaired circulation or damaged brain cells.

By increasing the oxygen available to an area that is injured and slow to heal, hyperbaric oxygen accelerates the natural healing process. This in turn provides the stimulus for the body to heal. Technically, Fibroblast and Collagen production is accelerated = and these are the building blocks for damaged tissue and bone healing.


New blood capillary growth – new capillaries and blood vessels grow during Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. These are permanent changes and will not disappear once treatment is finished.

Stem Cells

Published research has documented that a round of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatments increases the number of Stem Cells in your body by up to eight times. These stem cells are increasingly recognized as essential to the body’s ability to self-heal.