What Are People Saying About HBOT?


Learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy through anecdotal reviews, news reports and testimonials.

HBOT and bone healing

Eden Carlson Story: Near drowning and HBOT

Josh Speidel: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Treatments helping with post-injury recovery

The Dr. Phil Show: How To Help Revive A Brain After Traumatic Injury

Joe Namath Neurological Research Center: Search To Treat Brain Injury with HBOT

Dr. Paul Harch Hyperbarics Inc. – HBOT Treatments

Diabetic Foot Ulcers & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT and Post Stroke; Robin Read

Honorable Patt Maney, Brigadier General, USAR (ret.) discusses his TBI’s and HBOT therapy.

Oklahoma Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery Plan Act of 2014. The measure creates a fund for reimbursement of hyperbaric oxygen treatments for certain veterans.

Vets Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries turning to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

OETA-The Oklahoma Network. Breakthroughs in medicine are providing a promising treatment for traumatic brain injuries.

HBOT and Sports Training; Triathalon

HBOT and Sports Training; Professional Tennis

HBOT and Sports Training; Pro BMX

HBOT and Post Stroke Recovery


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